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T-Mobile’s HSPA+

T-Mobile Expands HSPA+ Coverage to Nine New Cities, Will Double Speeds Next Year

by Kevin Krause on August 31st, 2010


If a lack of HSPA+ coverage in your area was putting you off from purchasing the upcoming T-Mobile G2, the company looks to be making some serious moves in rolling out their high-speed network to all corners of the United States. You may even be lucky enough to find your town’s name among the list of nine new places to receive coverage starting today.

New coverage areas include:

  • Boston, MA
  • Erie, PA
  • Fresno, CA
  • Palm Springs, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • Richmond, VA
  • Spokane, WA
  • Topeka, KS

Currently the HSPA+ network laid out by T-Mobile covers 100 million Americans spanning 55 major metro areas. HSPA+ speeds as of now max out at 21 Mbps, but TMo plans to double throughput to a theoretical max of 42 Mbps in 2011. Compare that to the 10 Mbps being touted for Sprint’s 4G network.

The T-Mobile G2 can’t quite take advantage of all that bandwidth with 14.4 Mbps maxing out download speeds on the handset, but it should offer a blazing fast alternative to the speed of the Samsung Epic 4G and HTC EVO 4G on Sprint.

[via Android and Me]

New Stacked Cards Interface for Gmail on iPad

The Iterative Web App: New Stacked Cards Interface for Gmail on iPad.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 | 3:30 PM

In April 2009, we announced a new version of Gmail for mobile for iOS and Android. Among the improvements was a complete redesign of the web application’s underlying code, which allows us to more rapidly develop and release new features that users have been asking for, as explained in our first post. Today’s topic for the The Iterative Web App, a series where we continue to release features for Gmail for mobile, is the Stacked Cards Interface on the iPad.

When we announced our new interface for Gmail on the iPad, we requested feedback on how we could improve this experience for tablet devices. In June, we responded with a new compose screen. Today, we’re addressing the top feedback by launching a new “stacked card” interface for selecting and managing multiple conversations.

In the past, performing actions on selected conversations was awkward. There were two similar toolbars on the screen: one on the bottom left and the other on the top right. The former affected the selected conversations, while the latter affected the currently open conversation. Since the toolbars’ buttons looked similar, it was easy to mistakenly use the wrong toolbar. Sound confusing? It was.

In the new interface, selected conversations are displayed stacked on the right panel for easy organizing, archiving or deleting. The second toolbar is gone so it’s always clear which conversations you’re working with.

This new interface has also been an opportunity for our team to experiment with CSS3 transitions, which give mobile web applications a similar look and feel to native applications. More details on the implementation are posted on the code blog.

To try the Gmail webapp on the iPad, just go to in Safari. For quick access, create a homescreen link. Please note that the new interface is only available in US English for now.

Posted by Liam Asher Segel-Brown, Software Engineering Intern, Google Mobile

[via Google Mobile]

Root Your Droid X Running Froyo Tonight…

Easy Root: One click solution for Android 2.2

Posted by F. Dada in August 6th 2010

Easy Root

Still looking for you root solution for you Android 2.2, Easy Root may be all you need. Easy root gives you a one click solution to root your Android 2.2.

Rooting My Droid X

I came across these instructions over at

This is a GUI program to root/unroot your DroidX phone. No Android SDK install required. All drivers are installed if needed.
Just two buttons, ROOT and UNROOT! Follow the instructions on the screen and you’ll be rooted in a matter of seconds!

EDIT: If it doesn’t root and you are turning Bluetooth on and off, try turning WiFi on/off instead!

Microsoft Windows only. You need the .NET 3.5 Framework but Vista and Windows 7 already come with the framework.


Edit: Windows XP, Mac OSX and Ubuntu Linux Support Coming Soon

Edit: MediaFire link for those w/o an account. (edit by rainabba: we’ve opened downloads to guests!)

Edit: Still give props to Birdman and the rest of the community. This is simply putting their work (with some modifications to exploid) to use.
Edit: I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone. Please use at your own risk.
At the moment, rootshell is left on the device for easy unrooting. It is modified so that only my program may use it, however, if someone does
figure out away around using rootshell, I am not held responsible. This feature will be replaced with using su in the next release!

Warning: Apparently if some /system/app .apks are missing when you try to update, the update will fail. Please do not remove /system/app .apk
unless you have backed your phone up (I made this mistake with the original root =[ haha). Next version will automatically backup for /system/app folder to your /sdcard/. I'll try to post a working backup folder for those who didn't back it up.

** Required for .604 update **

  • CityID
  • CarDock
  • Blockbuster
  • Mobile 3G Hotspot
  • Visual Voicemail

Check out the blog here:



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Google Chrome OS Tablet Headed for Verizon in November

Verizon to launch Google Chrome OS tablet on November 26th

Vlad Bobleanta By Vlad Bobleanta on 18 Aug 10

HTC is apparently building a Chrome OS tablet for Google. That wouldn’t come as a terrible shock, since the Google Nexus One Android smartphone was also built by HTC.

The Google Chrome OS tablet is rumored to launch on Verizon on November 26th. Again, this makes sense, since Verizon is a long-standing partner to Google, especially seeing how they’ve been pushing Android devices lately.

Why November 26th? Well, that’s Black Friday in the US. The busiest shopping day of the year. This day is traditionally one of massive price cuts for electronics, so it would come as no surprise to anyone if the Chrome OS tablet would be extremely cheap or even free at least on this day.

If Verizon do the pricing well (which is to say, not the way they’ve handled the data plans for Microsoft’s Kin), this tablet may end up being substantially cheaper than the iPad or even free with a Verizon data contract even after Black Friday has passed. And that would all but guarantee decent sales.

The above image is obviously just a render, not the actual product.

The likely specs for the Chrome OS tablet are:

  • Nvidia Tegra 2 platform
  • 1280×720 multi-touch screen
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • minimum 32 GB SSD
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G (perhaps even LTE?)
  • GPS
  • webcam
  • possibly extended storage via card reader

Which is all perfectly drool-worthy, but one question remains in my mind. Why Chrome OS? Why not Android? Will people that have gotten used to the iOS and Android app stores be willing to go for a browser-only tablet?

I can’t see this not selling well, since it’s a tablet on Verizon, will probably be heavily subsidized and also has the Google brand on it, but I can’t help but feel that running Android would have made it a slam dunk. This way, geeks may love it, but for the man in the street, I’m not sure it will turn out to be the perfect solution.

Time will tell.

[Via Download Squad]

Blog Broke


Asus Eee Tablet Dated for March 2011

Asus Eee Pad Priced and Dated, Won’t be Here Until March

by Kevin Krause on August 13th, 2010


Not a great deal of information is known about Asus’ entry into the Android tablet arena (the above is an image of their similar Windows tablet), but that doesn’t mean we can’t know the pricing and release date. What we are looking at is a $400 price tag accompanying a release in March 2011. Yes, you read that right. March. Either this tablet has a long way to go and will feature specs competitive to whatever the generation of devices being released at that point next year, or it will end up being another among the many Android tablets featuring an outdated OS version and sub-par hardware. Since no technical info has emerged we’ll hope for the former.

[via CrunchGear]

How To Edit/Clip Videos with Droid X

How to Edit/Clip Videos with Droid X!

by Droid X on Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

For those of you who want to edit/clip videos you took with the Droid X, Ann shows us how to do it.  This isn’t full video editing by any means but then again you’d probably want to never edit videos on your phone anyways other than clipping it.

[via Droid X]

The Avengers (2012) Teaser Trailer

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